Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring break backpack pt. 3 + family bonding

Here's the (mostly finished) first backpack. Major thanks to Goody for helping me with her mad sewing machine skills. I'm not really liking how this one looks (it's very small and flawed), but hopefully backpack 2 will be more successful.

-An awesome moment that occurred when Goody and I were sewing/watching tv together:
A commercial for "Summit at the Summit" (an mtv documentary about various celebrities climbing mt. kilamanjaro to raise awareness about the clean water crisis) came on, and Goody asked me what it was about. I wasn't too sure what the exact purpose of the climb was, so I said, "They're trying to help people get clean water or something". And she then asked me, "So, are they bringing the water down from the mountain?"
I think all that sewing really took its toll on both of us mentally. Next time, we'll have monkey bread to keep us sharp. And it would be pretty neat if famous people were actually bringing some great water back from a water source at the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro.

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