Friday, March 5, 2010

sexual napalm (™ john mayer) pt. 2

Here's an updated version of the picture I started a little while ago. I still need to work on my painting skills and make the water look more water-ish, and fix some other stuff, but that won't happen until after I get back from break.
I'll definitely be switching things up during Spring Break. I have a sculpture project to make that involves sewing, which should be interesting because my only sewing experience was a little class we took in eighth grade and I didn't even really learn much because I was so jealous and bitter that the other half of my class was in cooking class making spectacular/advanced recipes like grilled cheese and †††***monkey bread***†††. Fortunately, now I can make my own monkey bread to eat while I sew, so that won't be an obstacle anymore.


  1. John likes the naval navel theme.


  2. tell john i say thanks + excellent wordplay!