Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring break backpack pt. 2 + chasin' jasons

Here's what I have so far for my backpack project. Sorry it's still way incomplete-- I just finished cutting all the pieces for the pattern I'm using. I'm also going to make a more "improvisational" one where I don't use a pattern for directions. I think the improv one might end up cooler than the pattern one?
I'll finish things up soon (since it's due right when I get back to school)

staycation revelation 2:
You can never just date one person named Jason in your lifetime. Should you go out with one guy named Jason, you will inevitably end up dating another one (or maybe more than one). I call this the "Chasin' Jason Phenomenon". I haven't experienced it myself, but there are MANY real-life examples.
an ideal chasin' jasons scenario: bateman/schwartzman

(such an exhilarating photo)

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