Sunday, January 24, 2010

over par

Here are some more additions to the golf course picture. It's pretty much finished. I need to do a few touch-ups and take some decent photos of it, but I'll get started on new things now. Sorry for all the repetition. From now on, I'll try to adhere to that whole "variety is the spice of life" concept.
The whole picture is kind of based on the whole Tiger Woods drama. I chose to make something based on Tiger Woods even I'm not too fascinated with his love life, and I'm not really into golf because he owns this really sick boat named Privacy. I just have a big thing for boats. I like them so much that, when a friend showed me that SNL(?) video "I'm On A Boat", I didn't even think it was that funny. My main reaction was, "Yeah, boats are the best".

^little Privacy is great too!


  1. So where is Tiger?


  2. hi dad,
    maybe i'll add him into the mix after i get some feedback @ the critique tonight. i don't want to make it too specific, or something.