Tuesday, January 19, 2010

luke wilson's dream house (w/ cell coverage)

This week, I'm going to be pretty busy shopping for classes, receiving syllabi, and getting myself organized for a new semester, so I won't have time to get the big golf course picture together until Friday's post
In the meantime, here's a little thing I made during the absolute depths of my winter break boredom. I made this gingerbread house because Luke Wilson has been inundating TV with all these AT&T commercials. In these ads, it's evident that he's gained some weight, so he's been getting made fun of a lot. He really doesn't look that bad (seriously, would probably still hit it), and it's definitely uncool to make fun of anyone for gaining weight. However, I think it's kind of okay to give him a hard time because female celebrities always have way more pressure to be skinny than male ones anyway, so maybe it's fair (on some level) that he's getting criticized. Plus, those AT&T ads are really lame, so maybe he deserves some mocking. Also, the joke's on me because, even though I tried really hard, my gingerbread house really sucks.
In my defense, the gingerbread kit was only one dollar.

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