Friday, May 7, 2010

excerpts from my new york times best selling novel

Here's the start to my last sculpture project of the year. For this project, I was inspired by the email below to create a fake event ostensibly made by AT&T to apologize to their Vassar customers who had no 3G service all weekend. For this assignment, we were told to make "anything we want", so the fact that I chose this as my "dream project" alarms me a little. I guess, given my AT&T/Luke Wilson fascination, this whole tower failure at the Vassar Campus just felt like fate.
On Monday, for class, I'm going to make this trade show-ish set up for all my AT&T paraphernalia and generally make a spectacle of myself.
For now, here are some scans from the AT&T apology book that I'm making. I'll upload the whole thing pretty soon, but it probably wont be made into a real, solid book until early summer.

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