Wednesday, February 17, 2010

things fall apart pt. 2 ("no longer @ ease")

Here are some different photos of the new sculpture project. Sorry if it's really repetitive (although the red one did undergo some changes since the last time I took pictures of it). I guess I was just really into documenting this one because I had to take it apart and throw it away pretty soon after it was critiqued.
For this assignment, we were supposed to make two sculptures, both dealing with weight. One of them was supposed to be figurative. The other one was supposed to be abstract. I was thinking of weight not really like a vertical force (like lifting/falling/supporting), but more as a horizontal push where gravitational spreading would make the boxes fall fall apart and fail to contain their respective fillings.
I manipulated the rules and didn't make two distinct pieces. Instead, I treated the slanted boxes like the figurative sculpture and their fillings as the more abstract part. For the figurative aspect, I wanted each one to represent an organ in the human body during an autopsy that had been sliced up, inspected, and then stitched back together. Aesthetically, I wanted to do a tiny homage to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty with the sort of stratification/topographical look that some of them have.
The whole set of boxes boxes/working with plexiglass thing is nothing new for me. But, I'm really into the concept of the new assignment we're getting, so I'll step out of my proverbial comfort zone and learn a totally new skill for that one.
*I really need to focus on work for my non-art classes, and I guess I already fulfilled my 2x a week quota, so there will be no new post on Friday

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