Friday, February 26, 2010

snow day

I said that I had all these goals, and this post would feature the conclusion to the newest boat drawing, as well as something new. Unfortunately, some things got in the way of my goals (treacherous snow, the winter olympics, MTVs 16 and pregnant, reading the wrong chapters/a really unfortunate syllabus misinterpretation)
Instead, here are some screenshots I made while I should have been working on a paper. Clearly, I'm suffering from an extreme case of cabin fever.

i wish i had a cool celeb promoting my cell provider. all t-mobile ever had was catherine zeta jones. poor choice

"walk, talk, surf" vs. "laugh, dance, conquer"

Now I have this lingering desire to make some sort of installation piece loosely based on Luke Wilson and the at&t/verizon war. Unfortunately, I think I'm serious about this
I'll either make a real post over the weekend, or Mondays post will be LOADED with legitimate content.


  1. Draw, Paint, Post!


  2. i'm trying!
    i don't like you listing verbs that involve me. it reminds me of when you told me what my events would be in the "jodi olympics" (aka the coldest thing anyone has ever said to me. ever. bar none)

    see you soon!!!