Friday, October 9, 2009

lady in red, with a huge head

-Here's a picture of a lady with a really big head.
-Then, I added a little, illustration-ish drawing.
-Right now, I have to learn to use a band saw, and then go to a hardware store for my second sculpture project. Assuming I survive these tasks (I probably will, the table saw was pretty simple to use), I'll add something else to this post later today or tomorrow.


  1. It resembles somebody know ¬¬

  2. Pretty soon you'll be Ty Pennington a run for his money.

  3. -the first picture is based on some Guess ads from the 90s. I just blended aspects of few different pictures

    -although i am now somewhat competent with saws, i don't think i'm quite ready for "extreme makeover: home edition"

    -thanks!! it's a little carigature-ish, but i think i like it