Monday, October 12, 2009

code blue

It's midterms, and I'm pretty busy, so I don't have anything to post yet. Also, I ended up devoting a lot of my "art time" to a !++++SCULPTURE EMERGENCY++++!
For my sculpture project, I bought a bunch of plexiglass panels, which I thought were clear, orange, and blue. But, it turns out the blue ones aren't truly blue. They're actually just more clear ones covered with blue plastic (I guess I'm not a very perceptive consumer). I ended up having to use blue spray paint, which looks less "sleek" than I wanted, but it will just have to do.

Luckily, I'm planning on having a printmaking fiesta late tonight, so I should end up with one or two things to post by the morning.

Emergencies (on a scale of very scary to not scary)::

-Disease Outbreaks
-Radiation Emergencies
-Building Collapses and Explosions
-Chemical Spills, Hazards and Emergencies
-Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
-Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
-Extreme Heat
-Winter Weather
-Loss of Utilities
-Fashion Emergencies

^the fraudulent, "blue" plexiglass. What a deceptive facade.

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