Monday, August 24, 2009

mj/battleship 2

-by request, i made another, little michael jackson picture. then, i added the augmented version of the boat picture i posted last week to add some bulk this post.
-this week, i'm packing up for school and tying up loose ends, so friday's post might suck. but, it's also the official end of my blog-summer, so i figure i should try to bring my a-game.


  1. Keep up all the great work! We haven't peeked in in a while but are wishing now that we had. The 'study in planar function' portrait is very interesting to me. MJ, of course is as well. He was quite into this sort of quasi-militant look and you captured that quite nicely.

    Dan and Deb

  2. You have a very interesting style, sort of reminiscent of Ralph Steadman. If you'd like to force yourself to draw more and get into a regiment, look into (like on "google") these weekly illustration and creative participation blogs: Illustration Friday, Monday Artday and Inspire Me Thursday. I started contributing to them three or so years ago and now I can't stop.