Friday, August 14, 2009

casual friday/recursive functions

-This week has been way busy, so I didn't really get my act together for this post. All I made is a little sketch I started at a train station of a lady who was sitting near me, which made me feel really creepy.
-Then, I shamefully started another boring abstract thing. Seriously, it's going to look different than the others when it's finished. I think I just couldn't resist doing one because I acquired some huge paper and more of my favorite shiny, and apparently quite carcinogenic, blue paint
-Monday's post should be an extravaganza of sorts. I'm feeling strangely productive.
-Also, I was stacking some stuff, and it just hit me that I inadvertently made a Yo Dawg Yo:
"Yo dawg, I heard you like being repetetive, so I put your picture in your picture so you can do the same thing while you do the same thing."


  1. Looking forward to monday ! I liek the blue abstract thing. It's eye catchy

  2. Thanks, I hope it'll look cool once I'm done with it. Thanks for checking out my blog!!

  3. Jodi,
    Two more picture ideas: (1) Sparky at the White Dog Cafe(, and (2) Sparky in the hot sun eating a hotdog. In other words, white dog at the White Dog and hotdog in a hot dog.

  4. Jodi,

    It just hit me that Yo dawg Yo is like a self referential set (a set that contain itself). Xzibit would use a more "street" term like "posse" instead of "set". For example, Xzibit's Posse could contain Gödel, Escher, Bach, Xzibit and Xzibit's Posse.